Tamiya 1/20 Grand Prix Collection No. 54 Full View Ferrari F2001


Tamiya has never ceased to impress on the effort in producing quality kits, including Formula 1 scale models. And this is no different.  This kit was purchased almost 6 years ago. This kit was found after searching high and low and visits to a few model kit shops before finally being able to purchase it without any further thoughts.


This kit was a step further compared to its predecessor the F2000 Full View with red translucent plastics instead of clear translucent plastic used on the F2001 Full View kit. It was a lot of fun building and learning how an F1 car was built and the basic internal mechanical structures are located. The build was challenging but not too difficult as long one follows the instructions and plans carefully on what to do. As one goes along building the kit, one can't help marvel at the engineering feats to design this beautiful machine. The same goes to Tamiya's attention to details and quality. It shows on all the Tamiya models. Amazing!!


Tamiya Fullview 1/20 Ferrari F2001's features:

  • Length at 223mm, width at 90, height at 55mm.

  • Authentic replica of F2001 car used at the 2001 French Grand Prix

  • For ease of assembly, the center monocoque frame was molded in a single piece

  • Suspension arms and push rods

  • Detailed model of the 90 degree longitudinally mounted 3000 Ferrari Tipo 050 V10 engine

  • Seat belts are separately molded for cockpit realism

  • Diffusers

  • Rear cowling can be removed to display the engine, rear suspension, and radiators

  • Aluminum stickers to recreate the heat resistant rear wing and rear suspension arm

  • Grooved, rubber tires with pre-printed Bridgestone and Potenza logos

  • Various sponsors' decals with option of either car, No. 1 of Michael Schumacher or No. 2 of Rubens Barrichello

Some official background info quoted from Tamiya's F2001 manual.


"In the 2001 racing season Ferrari's new F2001 machine would capture the Constructors' and Drivers' Championships equipped with the longitudinally mounted 3000 Ferrari Tipo 050 V10 engine incorporating an electro-hydraulic 7-speed gearbox in pre-machined welded titanium. After the ban was lifted on traction control, launch control and other high-tech devices at the 5th race in Spain, the F2001 was finished with an arsenal of new equipment to further outclass rivals. By the 13th race Schumacher had already clutched the championship with 9 wins, earning him 53 total wins in his career, as he became the most successful F1 driver of all time and the Ferrari F2001 the undisputed top machine in F1 history."


Note: This kit is also available in the normal, non-transparent version from Tamiya. The big question to the folks at Tamiya now is: When are you going to release more Formula 1 scale models, especially Ferrari's F1 race machines?













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