LEGO Ferrari F1 Racer 1:8

What does one get when LEGO decides to produce a Formula 1 car in 1:8 scale for its Racers series? And furthermore, based on the Scuderia Ferrari's F2005 F1 car? A truly amazing Lego/Ferrari display set is what one gets after the hours of assembly despite the hefty price tag.


Measuring at the length of 24 inches, it is more detailed and comes with cool features such as:

  • Rubber tires, 3 inches in width

  • Removable engine cowling

  • V10 engine with working pistons

  • F1-styled steering wheel that turns the front tires

  • Working suspension

  • Removable front and rear wing

  • Differential gears

  • Stickers

Once all the assembling is done, one can savor the effort and time spent in building up this sleek red racer. Up close, one can see the mechanical details such as the suspensions, engine and differentials. What is missing though is the gear box. Another gripe is that the rims are only painted silver on the external side.


The verdict? One of the best Lego Ferrari sets to hit the shelves that promises hours of fun. Should one encounter this at a discounted price or promotions, grab this exclusive set as it is an awesome model from LEGO!!











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