Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Playarts Action Figure - No. 0 Cloud and Fenrir


After watching Cloud Strife astride on his new ride, Fenrir, in the Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, it was only a matter of time when Playarts will be releasing the bike. Not if, but when and how would it be packaged. either standalone  or with the Cloud figure. Fenrir is definitely a cool, sleek yet menacing piece of mechanical design from the FFVII gurus.


Playarts released the No. 0 Cloud and Fenrir set some time back in 2006. Both the figure and the bike came in one big box with Cloud on the left and Fenrir on the right. What are the goodies packed in the box?


Features on the Fenrir:

  • Around 12 inches in length.

  • Working suspension that springs up and down a bit for the front wheels by using the ball-joint connections.

  • Rubber tires

  • Limited suspension on the rear wheel.

  • Fenrir is equipped with a kick stand.

  • Front forks that moves, independently to allow one side to tip to a side, allowing the bike to make a turn.

  • Good detailing and paint job mimicking what one sees in the Advent Children movie.

  • Cloud can be posed astride Fenrir

Despite the features, there are limitations in making a true-to-movie Fenrir. Sadly, there is no sliding compartment to store Clouds arsenal of swords.


Although this site is about mechas, something has to be said about Cloud since he came in a set with Fenrir.


Features on Cloud Strife:

  • Overall, a detailed sculpt

  • Stands at 6-7 inches in height

  • Personal insignia, Cloudy Wolf Insignia on the sweater

  • Huge buster sword

  • Alternate lower arm to grip the buster sword

  • A stand for the figure

  • Able to pose astride on Fenrir, with buster sword in hand

However, Cloud's facial expression looks a bit "stiff". Again, this is just nit-picking.


For  fans of FFVII, who can afford this, it should be in the list of definite must-have . Also not forgetting, Playarts have released a Cloud Strife and Hardy Daytona set since then. ;)











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