Yamato 1:60 Macross Zero  VF-0S

The VF-0S was first released in April 2006, roughly four years since the Macross Zero OVA series was aired. It is sleek, twin-engine, swing-wing, jet fighter reminiscent of the Grumman F-14A Tomcat. With the aid of CAD, the good folks at Yamato has managed to produce a transformable figure that is as accurate as the line-art and anime design of the VF-0S without sacrificing the overall looks in favour of any of the Fighter, Gerwalk or Battroid mode.

The VF-0S is mainly in off white color scheme with black and yellow markings, including the famous Skull denoting the unit belongs to Roy Focker. Yamato gave the figure a healthy dose of paint applications to make it look great in all three modes; Fighter, Gerwalk and Battroid. The foot thrusters was painted in pale gold color, while yellow and red bands were painted on the head lasers. Even the missiles and Roy Focker figure were painted to give these extra detailing.

Translucent plastics were also used for the green eyepiece, red nose-mounted sensors, red gunpod sensor, orange shoulder lights and red sensor on the top of the head.Yamato really did a great job on making this an awesome transformable figure at the 1/60 scale.

The articulation of the VF-0S in battroid mode is really amazing. The figure comes with ratcheted joints on the elbows, hips and knees in addition to ball-jointed hips and shoulders. There are also rotating motions for the neck, upper arms, wrists and knees.

The VF-0S 's transformation is quite straightforward with the aid of a 20-page black-and-white instruction manual. However, the challenging part of the transformation sequence is the moment when the arm sections are swung out from the main aircraft body.

Accessories :
- Roy Focker pilot figure
- detachable AIM-200A AMRAAM missiles (on 4 detachable pylons)
- GPU-9 Gunpod
- magnetically mounted FAST Packs
- detachable nose-mounted pitot tube
- removable engine intake covers
- grey plastic adaptor for mounting the toy onto a Yamato display stand (Jet Fighter mode.
- white plastic adaptor for mounting the toy onto a Yamato display stand (Gerwalk mode)

- sticker sheet
- black and white instruction manual 

Minor issues:
- weak hand grip on the gunpod
- the design could do with locking latch or hinged locking arm for the top of the    
  backpack in Battroid mode




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