Gunpla: Getting Started




Gundam models are also known as Gunpla, which is a pormanteau of "Gundam plastic model". Among fans and model kit building enthusiasts, gunpla is more commonly known as the practice of building Gundam models instead of the kits themselves.


Since the 1980s, Bandai has been releasing kits from the Mobile Suit Gundam universe. The popularity of these kits then spread to North America, Europe and the rest of the world in the next decade together with the rising popularity of anime and manga.


Generally, the kits are scaled to these main categories:


Scale Description
1/60 In Perfect Grade, PG or the Real Detail format, a scaled-up kit from  the 1/100 scale
1/100 In the Master Grade, MG format or the regular 1/100
1/144 In the High Grade, HG format or the HGUC, High Grade Universal Century which features the continuity's mobile suits)

Note: Bandai has released variations of kits for the above scale from time to time.

The following are some simple guides on Gunpla:

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