Bandai Master Grade 1/100 Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0

MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam


The MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam was the very first Gundam to introduce the transformation concept. It is able to change from a mobile suit form to a mobile armor form, the Waverider mode.


The Gunpla Kit : Zeta Gundam


The latest Zeta re-incarnation features various improvements and add-ons such as:

  • A "solid" transformation without having to remove parts except for the beam rifle

  • Regardless of being in mobile suit or Waverider modes, the parts do not seem to "flap" around

  • Forward and backwards wrist movements, identical to the Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0

  • A catapult launcher base which can be combined with the Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0 's action base

  • A hyper mega launcher, for fans who like their Gundams with serious firepower!

  • A more angular form in both the mobile suit and Waverider modes

The Zeta 2.0 is definitely a fine piece of design ingenuity. Not only does it look updated, the transformation process was improved as well with elements adapted from its Perfect Grade version. Chock full of Gundam goodness in a 1/100 scale.








Note: In January 2009, Bandai has released a Master Grade 1/100 Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 HD Color Limited Edition molded in gloss color with different set of markings. Another similar unit based on the Zeta Ver. 2.0, the MSZ-006-3 Zeta Gundam Karaba Assault Use Prototype, in limited-edition release with a different repaint and markings was released in March 2007.




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