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The Armored Core by FromSoftware, is a popular mecha video game series which is available on game consoles such as the Playstations and X-box 360. Armored Core games, based on mecha simulation genre, allow a gamer to pilot a large mecha called the Armored Core, also known as AC. Basic gameplay will have players take up missions, getting rewarded and customizing besides upgrading their units' capabilities.


An Armored Core is made up of the following modules:

Module  Function
Various sensors and optics are located within the head module. Some standard includes Bio-Sensor, Noise Canceler, Night Vision, Noise Canceller, Missile Sensor, Electronic Countermeasure and Auto-Map.
The torso of the mecha where the pilot is located. The cores can be upgraded by attaching various compatible Optional Parts, thus improving its performance. Designs vary according to various manufacturer and the role of a mecha. Lighter and mobile mechas will have less armor protection while heavier unit provides better armor.
The arm module are further categorized to Normal Arms and Weapon Arms. Normal arms are designed to resemble after a human arm. Its manipulator or "hand" is used to carry weapons. Weapons Arms, however, are weapons  in itself. Hard points are also included to further the offense or defense capabilities of unit.
The component that supports the Core in addition to providing mobility. Various types of Leg modules include the Humanoid, Reverse-joint, Hover, Tank Legs and Four-legged.
Additional systems such as Fire Control Systems, Power Generators, Radiators and Boosters can be added on to the mecha for enhancements.


Kotobukiya's Fine Scale Model Kits line expanded to the Armored Core series in early 2007 featuring snap assembly with the freedom for kit builders to customize or add-on weapons to the kit.


Reviewed Kotobukiya's 1/72 Armored Core Variable Infinity kits


AC012 CR-C06U5 Fascinator Ver.

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